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An Iliad

Denizen Theatre — New Paltz

“Where do the old gods go when they die?”

The Play’s the Thing

The Center for Performing Arts — Rhinebeck

“Never surprise a woman.”

God of Carnage

Philipstown Depot Theatre — Philipstown

“Children consume our lives and then destroy them.”

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Doubt: A Parable

The Center for Performing Arts — Rhinebeck

“The most innocent actions are sinister to a poisoned mind.”


Kraine Theater — Manhattan

“A passion that has grown too intense with a fan base that knows no boundaries.”

I Am My Own MILF

Kraine Theater — Manhattan

“At what point does the commodification of philanthropy diminish its goodness?” —James La Bella, Dramaturg

Invitation to a March

Ghent Playhouse — Ghent

“Marriage is an institution, and no institution was ever built on love.”

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