Arden/Everywhere: The As You Like It Project

Baruch’s Arden/Everywhere uses Shakespeare to shed light on the lives of refugees around the world. Original photo by Russell Rowland.

By Andrew Andrews

As we’ve said before, New York loves Shakespeare. And the best thing about the city’s love for The Bard is that theater companies here find ingenious ways to make his historic plays fresh and exciting. We were absolutely thrilled by Dzieci Theatre’s MAKBET, and although New Feet Productions’ Arden/Everywhere doesn’t take place in a shipping container, the set does have a similarly-industrial feel, thanks to its reinterpretation of Arden Forest (from Shakespeare’s As You Like It) as a refugee camp.

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Andrew Andrews attended Arden/Everywhere: The As You Like It Project at Baruch Performing Arts Center in New York on Thursday, October 12, 2017 @ 7:00pm to write this review.

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