Wrong House Presents Sketchy Sketch Night: The Sequel

Wrong House Productions mashes up Little Orphan Annie with Stuart Little as part of Sketchy Sketch Night at TADA Theater in NoMad.

By Andrew Andrews

Remember our review of Really Really, in which a privileged white kid got into a lot of trouble at college? Well, suppose that guy went back home and attended a house party in an affluent suburb, and you were there. But there’s something unusual about this house party: I mean, sure, there’s a bar with cheap beer and simple cocktails, and the place is crowded with people milling about and catching up. But unlike your typical house party, the people at this event range in age from young adults, to their parents and in some cases even their grandparents. And about thirty minutes into the party, the host invites everyone into the theater (remember, we’re talking about a very affluent neighborhood here!) for a special presentation. And after everyone respectfully nudges their way into the stands to get the best seats they can, and has some time to talk a little longer and grab another drink from the bar, the lights go down and one of those familiar-faced young adults takes the stage and asks everyone to silence your cell phones, turn off your beepers and strangle your children.

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Andrew Andrews attended Wrong House Presents Sketchy Sketch Night: The Sequel at TADA! Youth Theater in New York on Friday, March 23, 2018 @ 8:00pm to write this review.

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