Twelfth Night

The cast and crew of Boomerang Theatre Company present Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in Central Park. Original photo by Isaiah Tanenbaum.

By Andrew Andrews

Summer in New York means free Shakespeare in the park... but what does that mean? On the high end, it means entering the lottery at The Public to score arena-style seats at the Delacorte Theater, delivered by an ensemble of the most credited thespians to utter the Bard’s words. A bit easier to access are the likes of a show in Bryant Park, where the sound system allows you to still follow along even from a distance. Or, if you’re lucky enough, you don’t even have to leave your neighborhood to catch a five-star performance, such as Smith Street Stage’s production in Carroll Park.

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Andrew Andrews attended Twelfth Night at Central Park in New York on Saturday, June 23, 2018 @ 12:34pm to write this review.

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