Bushwick Industrial, Brooklyn

By Andrew Andrews

Maeve (Lauren Guglielmello) looks for an escape route as Ailish (Hannah Wolfe) prepares to intervene in CrowPlay at Bushwick Industrial. Original phopto by Kevin Vonesper.

CrowPlay doesn’t need an audience, per se.

It needs witnesses.

CrowPlay isn’t exactly a performance, you see.

It’s a ritual.

CrowPlay is about crow people.

More specifically, crow women.

What must a crow woman do to persevere?

How about a murder of crow women?

Ailish (Hannah Wolfe) and Niamh (C.C. Kellogg) always begin the ritual on time. But this time, Sorcha (Sarah Quigley) is late. And she’s supposed to bring this year’s Jane.

The ritual can’t happen without The Jane.

This year’s Jane will be Maeve (Lauren Guglielmello), a twenty-seven year old outsider who relates to the poetry of Poe, of all people.

And finally, Sorcha and Maeve arrive.

And the ritual has begun.

And you are a witness.

CrowPlay is billed as a “pleasant nightmare” examining “the ways in which women police themselves (and one another) through ceremonialized hierarchies, withheld detail, misinformation and shame.” Based on a conglomeration of historical myths and literature, Invulnerable Nothings engages the audience to determine the gruesome outcome of a very haunting performance.

Make that, a very haunting ritual.

Ready to be a witness?

Only two opportunities remain: tonight and tomorrow. So start your journey to Bushwick Industrial now, and don’t you dare be late.

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Andrew Andrews attended CrowPlay at Bushwick Industrial in Brooklyn on Friday, October 12, 2018 @ 8:00pm to write this review.