Selena Coppock and Lauren Maul (dressed as eccentric character Marilyn Summers) perform a duet.

By Andrew Andrews

Don’t let the title fool you: Bitchcraft is not full of bitches or bitching! Selena Coppock and Lauren Maul have been hosting this monthly variety show for three years now, but we finally managed to catch it for the first time and it was definitely worth the five dollar admission—a price so low, you can’t even bitch about it!

After the hosts warmed up the crowd with a sequin-filled opening song, comedian Chris Calogero started things off on a positive note, talking about how wonderful his S.O. and their partnership is—although later, stand-up Jordan Temple showed us that poking fun at your relationship has comedic benefits, too. Next up, novelty band Afterbirth Monkey performed a few humorous songs, including one that backhandedly bitches about roommates. Perhaps the most unusual part of the show was Anthony Ernest Kieren and his drag-queen Marionette, but the highlight might have been the storytelling, with retired talent agent Sandi Marx recalling her tragicomic lunch with Susan St. James and Dick Ebersol, and Danny Artese sharing the funny tale of his audition for a high school musical. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how a variety show is supposed to be, complete with stand-up, music, storytelling and costume changes every set!

Finally, it’d be remiss not to mention Mindy Raf’s double-rainbow tits (!), the delicious (albeit undersized) tapas and tasty cocktails served up by Sid Gold’s Request Room, and the live piano karaoke after the show. So spice up your life with a little variety and catch the next Bitchcraft on January 19th! 4

Andrew Andrews attended Bitchcraft at Sid Gold's Request Room in New York on Thursday, November 17, 2016 @ 7:30pm to write this review.

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