About Us

We help you find events and activities you'll love.

Let's be honest: going out is hard! Finding a sitter or dog walker, dealing with trains or traffic, and don't even mention the crowds! Worse yet, what happens if you get to a show and hate it? Is it OK to leave early, or are you stuck? Can you get your money back? If you have to use the bathroom can you return to your seat? Will you even get a seat? It's enough to make you want to stay home and watch TV!

But life's too short for that, so we created Opplaud™: a free service where a live human fun-finder uses the latest computer technology to seek out and recommend events and activities you'll absolutely love, based on what you've enjoyed and disliked in the past. No listings to sort through and no irrelevant emails, just timely spot-on suggestions that make you glad you didn't stay home.

Our goal is to make our service so great, you'll cancel other plans just to check out our personalized recommendations. Even if your plans were just Netflix and Seamless.
Especially if those were your plans!

Join our community today and start to enjoy going out more!

We never share personally-identifiable user data with anyone.

Opplaud Explainer

Jay Michaels interviewed Opplaud's founder for The Passionpit Podcast! Hear all about our raison d'être, and subscribe to the show to stay abreast of indie arts on stage, page & screen!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you send recommendations?
Unlike other websites that spam you with endless mass-mailings, we'll only send you a suggestion when your personal human concierge finds an event or activity that they believe you will truly enjoy. The more ratings and explanations you give us, the better we get at figuring out which experiences to recommend to you!
Why haven't I received any suggestions?
First, check your spam folder and add us to your trusted senders if you find any of our messages there. Remember: you won't hear from us until your find-finder comes across an event or activity that they believe you will really love. If we're not sending you enough recommendations, let us know about more events that you've enjoyed in the past, so we can find similar events to suggest for you.
How important is it for me to rate events?
Extremely! Our fun-finders uses advanced computer technology, along with personal intuition, to evaluate your ratings to determine what you like and dislike, so they can suggest future events that you can attend with confidence!
How much does this cost?
Our service is completely free to subscribers, and we even share event recommendations with our most relevant community members at no cost to producers, promoters or venues! Premium services are available to advertisers for additional fees.
Will you promote my event to your community?
Maybe! We only tell our members about events that we trust they'll enjoy. Contact us with the details of your event, and we'll let you know if we think we can help you get more attendees through the doors!

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