Stephen Keyes, Trenton Clark and Topher Wallace bring song and dance to TftNC's Johnson Theater in Abdication! Original photo by Liz Devine.
Like Monty Python, this show combines a little drama, song and dance with a whole lot of comedy. Does it work without English accents and dry British humor?

By Andrew Andrews

The fictional story collection Mumm’s Tales of Abdication serves as the source for three “episodes” tied together by a singing, dancing Narrator (Trenton Clark) in the style of a 60’s or 70’s TV variety show. In the first piece, a loser from Staten Island horrifies his family by announcing his plans to sign up for a full-time, 33-month virtual reality experiment compared to The Matrix. Next up, two patients at the Northwest Psychosurgical Institute decide to give romance one last try before submitting to an “amygdala-resurfacing” procedure known colloquially as a “love lobotomy.” And in the final episode, set in a near alternative future, a woman takes a five hour bus ride to her nearest Spectrum Bureau to petition to have her color changed—from purple to orange.

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Andrew Andrews attended Abdication! at Theater for the New City Johnson Theater in New York on Friday, September 6, 2019 @ 6:30pm to write this review.

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