Which song would you perform to win an air guitar competition?

By Andrew Andrews

Olivia Miller stars as “The Nina” in Shadowland Stages’ production of Chelsea Marcantel’s Airness, directed by Brendan Burke. Original photo by Jeff Knapp.

Nina shows up at a Staten Island bar to enter the local air guitar contest.

Already a real-life guitarist in a real-life band, Nina thinks she can just win the crowd by “playing” Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’.

Discovering she’s actually up against a pack of dedicated, nerdy competitors from all over the country, Nina freezes on stage and learns that the “sport” is more about camaraderie and authenticity to oneself than having better accuracy than the competition.

After last year’s five-star performance of the intense drama The Niceties and nearly-as-good closing rom-com Handle With Care, Shadowland’s first production this season is a light-hearted comedy wrapped around the vengeance of a woman scorned.

Tramaine Bembury, Sean Walsh, Miller, Justin Pietropaolo, Peter Evangelista and Kelsey Leland comprise the cast. Original photo by Elena Holy.

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Andrew Andrews attended Airness at Shadowland Stages in Ellenville on Saturday, June 4, 2022 @ 2:00pm to write this review.