Akim Funk Buddha Hip Hop Holiday: Gold School

By Andrew Andrews

Akim Funk Buddha and Dumi Right rap over tracks spun by DJ TONY TOUCH at BAMcafe Live in Brooklyn.

BAMcafé provides great shows in Downtown Brooklyn at the low, low price of free. Take, for example, this weekend’s performance by Akim Funk Buddha’s Gold School team: an event with everything you’d expect from an old-skool hip-hop show, and then some! Yes, there was DJ (TONY TOUCH) spinning funky breaks to get the crowd moving (with DJ Leighton Pope opening the show). Of course, there were break dancers and street dancers expressing the high energy of the music with their bodies. And you bet there were plenty of back-and-forth improvisational rhymes—the kind of mastery that’s missing from a lot of today’s overproduced, auto-tuned “rappers” that are only in it for the money with no real love for the art. But there was also world influence, with musicians and instruments from Africa and as far away as Japan. And there was plenty of beat-boxing, and even some amazing throat singing!

If you missed this performance (or Akim’s return the following night with a small orchestra and a completely different show), fear not: Brooklyn Academy of Music and host Phillip Andry deliver BAMcafé almost every Friday and Saturday night, and it’s always for the same low, low price. Insider tip: arrive at least half-an-hour early if you want to get a good seat. But, if you’re the type of person who likes to let the rhythm move you, there’s always plenty of standing room to get your groove on. 3

Andrew Andrews attended Akim Funk Buddha Hip Hop Holiday: Gold School at Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn on Friday, November 25, 2016 @ 9:00pm to write this review.