All Female Reboot

The cast of All Female Reboot acts out Liz Magee’s Passive-Aggressive Fight Club at The Tank, just off Broadway in Times Square.

By Andrew Andrews

If there’s one thing we wish we’d catch more of here at Opplaud™, it’s sketch comedy. On fortunate occasion, we’ll come across a piece or two at a variety show such as Ten Foot Rat Cabaret or Brooklyn Loft Party, but it’s a rare treat when our proprietary recommendation engine tells us to check out a full-on sketch comedy show. This evening, it was time for a such a treat! Theme aside, we were also pleased to notice that tonight’s performance would take us back to The Tank, one our favorite venues for developing new works, where we try not to miss the bi-monthly Rule of 7x7 and occasionally plays such as Welcome to the Doll Den. Before the show, we learned that The Tank is about to relocate to a larger home two blocks south of their current West 46th Street location, where they’ll have two performance spaces for twice the entertainment. We look forward to checking it out!

Tonight’s show, All Female Reboot, was chock full of sketches—sixteen, to be exact—by half-a-dozen female playwrights, each piece spoofing a decades-old (“stale”) blockbuster script that originally highlighted male actors, now rewritten around “female” themes such as menstruation, workforce discrimination and frenemies. The playwrights (Liz Magee, Ariel Elias, Tahlia Robinson, May Wilkerson, Sarah Lazarus and Molly Ruben-Long) provided hilarious takes on shows such as Rocky (cat-called by passersby as she trained on the streets of Philly), Elouise Scissorhands (placed in the awkward situation of explaining to a pharmacy clerk that tampons are easier to apply than pads), Titanic (with lesbian lovers arguing over whom should be the first to succumb to the freezing waters) and the prerecorded 127 Hours, in which the protagonist would rather suffer than ask for help when her arm gets caught while climbing boulders in Central Park. But the company (rounded out by Alyssa Limperis, Julia Johns, Carmen Lagala, Sharron Paul, and Maria Wojciechowski) really shined in their takes on Wayne’s World (retitled Jane’s World) and Passive-Aggressive Fight Club, in which participants shot each other backhanded compliments. And with guest comic Aparna Nancherla warming up the crowd and two hunky shirtless ring boys introducing each sketch with antics of their own, this show was pure comedy from start to finish!

It looks like our system picked a winner once again, sending us exactly where we needed to be to start the week off right—laughing out loud!—and we can hardly wait to catch All Female Reboot the next time it comes around. And our system can help you find the perfect night out, too—whether it’s All Female Reboot, or something on the opposite end of the entertainment spectrum! So come back here and rate every show you attend (whether we’ve reviewed it or not!), and we’ll use your feedback to help you discover spot-on recommendations for events you’re sure to love!


Andrew Andrews attended All Female Reboot at The Tank in New York on Sunday, August 20, 2017 @ 7:00pm to write this review.

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