American Fables

Eric Fallen's American Fables explore the complexities of love, war and miscommunication at HERE. Original image by Matt Silvester.
Five plays. Seventy minutes. Twenty-five bucks. Worth it?

By Andrew Andrews

American Fables is a collection of five plays by a single playright, Eric Fallen: each story features two actors and is less than fifteen minutes long.

In every tale there is a confrontation between the characters, and in two of the five, it goes so far as to be an interrogation: from the torturous questioning of an expat to a subtle conversation between a man and woman on a park bench. There’s also a scene where a woman demands a book from a small town librarian two minutes before closing time and another in which a mother demands answers from a military officer about her son’s death in combat. But the most subtle confrontation occurs when one lawyer has to talk down a colleague after his office has been raided by the FBI.

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Andrew Andrews attended American Fables at HERE Mainstage in New York on Thursday, October 10, 2019 @ 8:30pm to write this review.

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