Awkward Poop... and the City

The Creek & The Cave, Queens

By Andrew Andrews

Katie Hannigan blurs the line between stand-up and storytelling during Awkward Poop... and the City at The Creek & The Cave in Long Island City, Queens.

As evidenced by our reviews of Taboo Tales and Uh-Oh! Stories from People Who Pooped Their Pants, producers of late have been tearing down the walls of what a storytelling show can be. Natalie Wall and her fellow "nasty women" (Jen Keefe, Karolena Theresa, Bobby Hankinson and Anita Flores) have established a track record with their recurring (and touring) show Awkward Sex and the City, in which storytellers share their most embarrassing sexcapades. And now, pushing boundaries even further, Wall & Company have spun off the monthly Awkward Poop... and the City, in which—you guessed it—comedians and storytellers share their tales about bathroom mishaps, et al.

For tonight’s episode, Wall opened with an explanation that she usually has trouble pooping during her travels, then recounted the time that she overcame the problem while visiting a friend in Boston, only to discover that there was no toilet paper anywhere in the house! "Don’t congratulate yourself until you cross the finish line," Wall reminded us. Certainly, excellent advice!

Next to the stage, guest storyteller Rasheda S. Crockett explained that she lost her religion when a baby she was holding pooped all over her beautiful new dress in the middle of a church service. "Is there even a heaven," Crockett asked, "if you get shat on in church and nobody helps you?" Perhaps it’s not the best question to answer at a comedy show, but hopefully some theologians will read this review and provide a definitive response in the comments below!

Speaking of comedy shows, guest comic Katie Hannigan (pictured) came on next, professing that she "doesnt understand the arc of storytelling" while delivering a stand up routine with enough fart jokes to supply Wal-Mart greeting cards for years to come. "My favorite kind of fart is the one that sounds like a question," she announced, before polling the audience for favorites of our own.

Closing out the show, aforementioned co-host Karolena "The Only Chocolate Chip in a Chocolate Chip Cookie" Theresa regaled us with the tale of her trip to Africa, where she resorted to pulling down her jorts and letting all hell break loose as her leader threw baby wipes at her, while their guide defended her bare butt from mosquitos and insects, the likes of which don’t exist outside of the jungle. There were two morals to this story: first, don’t eat a tuna fish sandwich that’s been festering on a bus for three hours, and second, don’t get blackout drunk in a strange land the night before a tour with the word "eco" in the description!

With free beer for those who arrive early and plenty of seating, Awkward Poop... and the City is a great way to get a few laughs after work in Long Island City. And because The Creek & the Cave is only one subway stop from Grand Central, it’s easy to reach and return from just about anywhere in Manhattan. So check it out next time, then come back and rate the show. Whether you like it, love it, or it isn’t your thing, your reviews help others decide if they should attend, and your ratings help us help you find events and activities you’ll love!

Andrew Andrews attended Awkward Poop... and the City at The Creek & The Cave in Queens on Thursday, June 8, 2017 @ 8:00pm to write this review.