How does this new take on time travel compare to the classics? Find out as we take you “Back” for the review of a lifetime!

By Andrew Andrews

Matt Webster and Terra Mackintosh star in Webster's Back at The Clemente's Teatro SEA in the Lower East Side. Original photo courtesy of Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment.

We’ve seen plenty of stories about time travel: from adventurers wanting to share in history’s greatest moments, to those hoping to undo some of mankind’s biggest atrocities.

In Back, Derek (Matt Webster) and his childhood crush Leah (Terra Mackintosh) are presented with the opportunity to go back in time to correct their own mistakes, at the cost of reducing their livespans to ten short years after the adjustment.

Derek is adamantly opposed to the idea, but Leah is not so sure that an abbreviated future wouldn’t be better than the dead-end path that she’s already on.

As you might expect, this tale bears minor similarities to romantic time-travel classics such as Back to the Future, The Lake House, and my personal favorite, Groundhog Day. You’ll probably also notice elements of more “timeless” champs like Tron (thanks to the craftsmanship of Tim McMath and Greg Solomon), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and every story ever written about someone who leaves their small home town to make a name for themselves in The Big Apple.

Back, however, is far more than a rehash of an often-told tale. With no Tardis or DeLorean in sight, Back presents a uniquely dystopian future, in which mankind’s infatuation with the technology has people dropping dead faster than global warming can melt an ice cap. With the next tense moment never more than a clock-tick away, and not just one, but two surprising twists at the climax, Back will make you do a double-take just when you’re sure you have everyone and everything all figured out.

Hurry up and catch it at the Rave Theater Festival before time runs out!


Andrew Andrews attended Back at The Clemente Teatro SEA in Manhattan on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 @ 8:45pm to write this review.

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