Bad Penny

Joseph Huffman, Emma Orme, Bailie de Lacy and Lambert Tamin criticize each other in the Flea Theater's park-like Pete Courtyard. Original photo by Allison Stock.
Is Mac Wellman’s 1990 Obie winner a walk in the park, or a perfect catastrophe?

By Andrew Andrews

Imagine you’re sitting in the park—any New York City park will do—and the person next to you starts speaking out loud to nobody in particular: a sort of poetic monologue, hinting at Shakespeare. Then you realize, they’re actually speaking to someone across the way, someone they don’t know. And before you know it, someone further down joins the conversation, the way New Yorkers are apt to do. Then another. And another. Then you realize, they’re not so much speaking to each other, but at each other. And they’re not so much speaking… it’s more like shouting.

“Oh no,” you think to yourself, “these people are batshit.” And as much as you want to leave before you become a target, the drama of it all compels you to stay.

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Andrew Andrews attended Bad Penny at The Flea Theater Pete Courtyard in New York on Thursday, August 29, 2019 @ 7:00pm to write this review.

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