Theatre Row, Manhattan

By Andrew Andrews

Katarina (Ellinor DiLorenzo) reclines on a table in Beloved at the Lion Theatre in Hell’s Kitchen. Original photo by Kait Ebinger.

Katarina and Mattias used to “just crash in front of a video and talk about everyday stuff.”

Then, one day, Katarina won tickets to the opera from the local radio station.

While Mattias sat in the audience falling asleep, Katarina sat there falling in love.

First with the music… and then with the conductor.

In Beloved, the quirky, squeaky Katarina (Ellinor DiLorenzo) fills us in on how she went from wasting her life to making the most of every precious moment.

“You don’t have unlimited time,” she begins, “at my age you realize this… surely the point of life is to feel you’re living.”

Her age, according to the script, is a mere twenty-three.

Now, it might come as no surprise that we’d rate this show so highly, considering that we were founded to pull people away from their sofas and screens to experience live entertainment.

But there’s more to rave about this show than that important message.

Because every dark cloud may have a silver lining, but every sunny day carries with it the risk of being burned.

From her disdain for her mother who “completely smothered me with her 70s love, full of velvet illusions and naïve dreams” to a diatribe that women “are small-minded cunts who simply blame their failures on some fucking patriarchal system, which they could smash in fifteen minutes if only they dared,” Katarina’s monologue reveals that her literally tongue-in-cheek social commentary is figuratively anything but.

And although she claims “I don’t plan on having regrets,” it looks like things might not be turning out as planned.

Translated from Lisa Langseth’s original Swedish script by Charlotte Barslund and expertly directed by Kathy Curtiss, DiLorenzo nails this solo performance with all of the hope and hopelessness of a mid-life crisis.

If that’s ever happened to you, you’ll surely be able to relate.

And even if you can’t relate, the dark blend of comedy and drama will keep you glued to the story nonetheless.

So check it out, then come back and tell us what you got from Katarina’s experience.

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Andrew Andrews attended Beloved at Theatre Row in Manhattan on Saturday, August 4, 2018 @ 8:00pm to write this review.