Eamon Yates inspects his reflection as he opens his robe to expose his tighty-whiteys. Original photo by Hunter Canning.

By Andrew Andrews

Although prostitution has long been regarded as the world’s oldest profession, the stigma of sex work has only recently started to shed, and it will probably be a while longer before mainstream America considers sex workers as legitimate as, say, lawyers or car salesmen.

There may still be a certain allure to the tale of someone who “falls” into the field these days, but for a sex worker’s story to really grab you by the balls, so to speak, there has to be more to it than (s)exploitation, desperation, lost morality and/or ostracism.

These days, there needs to be blood.

Like many young adults from the middle of nowhere, Tyler (alternately played by Eamon Yates and Brendan George) came to the city to escape his hell-hole of a hometown. Again, like many, the high cost of living took him by surprise, and already laden with student loan debt, his job clearing tables in a Chinatown restaurant didn’t leave him with much to live on.

So why not leave the dining room for the bedroom, if that’s where the real money is? Especially if you’re good at it? Especially if you enjoy it?

It’s all fun and games (and cold, hard cash) until somebody gets a little too kinky, a little too violent. But at least Tyler has escaped with his life... and a stack of bills to help him forget what just went down.

Of course, that’s not the end of the story.

In his basement studio apartment at the far edge of Bushwick, Tyler invites you to join him in his bedroom-slash-living room, where he’ll fill you in on all of the sleazy and gory details.

With space for fewer than a dozen guests, Tyler will get as comfortable with you, his audience, as you’re comfortable with.

If you’re not too shy about getting up-close-and-personal with a young man in his clean-as-Bleach robe and tighty-whiteys, take the ride on the L train out to Wilson Avenue (it’s shorter than you think!), then come back here and tell us what you thought of the experience.

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Andrew Andrews attended Bleach at Tyler's Basement in Brooklyn on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 @ 7:00pm to write this review.

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