Broken Pieces

Clemente Soto Vélez Center, Manhattan

By Andrew Andrews

Simone Elizabeth Bart, Mateo Moreno and Frances Ramos star in Paper Airplanes, part of Moreno’s Broken Pieces production at Teatro LATEA in the Lower East Side.

“The time is now. And then. And not too long from now.

“The place is everywhere. And nowhere.”

Broken Pieces is a sketch show.

By sketch show, we don’t mean comedy. We don’t mean SNL. We mean six short plays in one. Six pieces of stories by playwright Mateo Moreno in which something, or someone, is broken.

In Paper Airplanes, it’s the relationship between middle-schooler Daizy (Frances Ramos) and her estranged father (Moreno).

In Lovesick Singalong, its the hallucinations that Rebecca (Michela Alyse Tomcho) suffers over the loss of her departed partner, Nellie (Simone Elizabeth Bart).

Next, Patty (Kayla Wickes) blows up over the suspicion that her husband Mike (Patrick Clements) is having an affair with her assistant, Jeannie (Tomcho) in Morning Song.

With or Without You presents a disturbing future in which a young woman named Frankie (Wickes) is forced by the government to record video “check-ins” before her “mandatory coupling” with a man she despises.

In Loves Me Like a Rock, a lowlife (Moreno) is confronted by a wealthy woman (Tomcho) over a dirty deed that didn’t go according to plan.

And lastly, a bizarre game show explores the playwright’s fears for the future in America the Beautiful.

Directed by Ella Jane New, Broken Pieces is part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, a series of all-philantrophic, all-green productions at The Clemente in the Lower East Side.

Attending this or any of the other shows is a great way to enjoy works by emerging artists and support socially conscious charitable organizations.

But you’re running out of time, because the Festivity ends on August 5th.

So hurry up and check it out, then come back here and share your takeaways!

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Andrew Andrews attended Broken Pieces at Clemente Soto Vélez Center in Manhattan on Saturday, July 28, 2018 @ 3:15pm to write this review.