Brooklyn Loft Party: A Touch of Blue

Littlefield, Brooklyn

By Andrew Andrews

"Straight White Guy" Scott Talent (as in, America Scott Talent) and his "dudes" provide comedic feedback on the Brooklyn Loft Party.

Regular readers know that we’re big fans of variety shows, and Brooklyn Loft Party is a series of one-night-only performances at Littlefield in Gowanus. Before we launched this site, we checked out the start of the series back in June of last year, featuring host Shonali Bhowmik, contortionist Miss Ekaterina, cellist Michael Shattner, comedian Janelle James, band Tigers & Monkeys, burlesque artist Mandarine Moon-Fly, cabaret singer Molly Pope, and dance troupe WAFFLE NYC. Talk about variety!

Needless to say, we were entertained—again, and again, and again. So when we saw that the Loft was in session once more, we took the R train to Gowanus to find out what was in store. Lucky for us, this show featured a similar-but-different lineup—similar in the sense of a wide variety of performers, but different in that only one of the acts performed at both shows. That act was magician The Great Dubini, who fascinated the crowd with three balls and three cups. Dubini’s slot was sandwiched between many other artists performing on three stages: go-go dancer Aphrodite Rose, singer-songwriter Felice Rosser, saxophonist Neal Ludevig, burlesque artist Velvet Kensington, author Issac Oliver, classic Indian dancer Sonali Skandan, and musical duo Reformed Whores. Between sets, “straight white guy” Scott Talent (as in, America Scott Talent) provided backhanded feedback on the show (“the word ’queef’ should be used every time there’s a saxophone”), but there wasn’t a bad act the entire evening!

The décor for BLP has improved since the first time we attended: a couple of comfy sofas have been added, and graphics on the walls enhance the illusion that you’re actually in somebody’s Brooklyn loft, looking out over the rooftops at New York’s skyline and other landmarks. And while not as crowded as many other events we’ve attended at Littlefield, the audience and layout contribute nicely to the loft party vibe.

All-in-all, Brooklyn Loft Party is the type of show that helps make New York—and specifically Brooklyn—such a great place to live. So check out their next event, GETAWAY, on February 28th for a taste of what it’s like to have friends in high—make that loft-y—places!

Andrew Andrews attended Brooklyn Loft Party: A Touch of Blue at Littlefield in Brooklyn on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 @ 8:00pm to write this review.