By Andrew Andrews

When you think of musicals, you might think of lavish sets and a large cast with dozens of songs and a hundred-foot-long chorus line. And although Cagney feels like that type of show, it manages to do so with only six talented actors. Normally, we find it difficult to suspend belief when the same actor plays multiple important characters during a show (especially in a big ticket on Broadway such as Hamilton), but Ellen Zolezzi (as Willie Cagney and others), Jeffry Denman (Bob Hope and others), Danette Holden (Ma Cagney, Jane and others) and Josh Walden (Bill Cagney and others) all manage to switch rather seamlessly between their roles with just a few seconds off stage and substantial costume changes. But changing personas is hardly the limit to any of their talents: as you’d expect from a musical that’s barely off-Broadway, their skills extend to pitch-perfect singing and spot-on dancing, too.

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Andrew Andrews attended Cagney at Westside Theatre in New York on Sunday, November 27, 2016 @ 3:00pm to write this review.

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