The Cake

Thinking of having a lesbian wedding down south? Here’s what you might be up against.

By Andrew Andrews

Christine Bokhour directs Bekah Brunstetter’s The Cake at Philipstown Depot Theatre in Garrison, starring Kullan Edberg, Sally Mayes, Greg Miller and Evan Simone Frazier. Original photo by Sharon McCutcheon.

Jen has just asked Della to bake the cake for her wedding, but Della said no.

Della, the proprietor of a sweet shop in Winston, was Jen’s mother’s best friend before mom died five years ago and Jen moved to Brooklyn.

Jen’s bride is a woman named Macy from up north, and even though their marriage is now legal in North Carolina, and even though Della knows that Jen’s mom always wanted Jen to get married back home, the whole thing doesn’t sit right with Della’s Christian belief system.

Besides, Della has a lot on her plate: she’s slated to appear on an upcoming reality television bake-off series, and her equally-conservative husband Tim hasn’t shown her much affection for a long, long time.

Can Jen and Macy convince Della to bake the cake? Should they even try?

I attended The Cake with three friends, and all of us agreed the experience deserved more than two stars, but fewer than four.

Despite a wonderful delivery by the cast on a gorgeous set filled with delicious-looking cakes that made me hungry for dessert (even having just finished a very filling dinner), the story simply isn’t compelling enough to grant the production the accolades it otherwise deserves.

This is Della’s story, yet she and Macy are essentially caricatures of every conservative southern belle and liberal northern lesbian, respectively, with the most complex emotions belonging to Jen, who is caught between her conservative southern past and her liberal northern present.

The relationship drama between Della and Tim could also use better foreshadowing, as it seems to come out of nowhere halfway through the play.

Although nobody in my group regrets attending this performance, and the quality of the production is in line with the ticket price, the highlight in attending was the free slice of cake that we received upon exiting the theatre.


Andrew Andrews attended The Cake at Philipstown Depot Theatre in Garrison on Saturday, May 14, 2022 @ 7:30pm to write this review.