Chasing the River

Christina Elise Perry stars as Kat in Jean Dobie Giebel's Chasing the River at Chain Theatre. Original photos by Matt Wells.
Six things you should consider about attending this play!

By Andrew Andrews

Kat’s aunt Adelaide has passed away, leaving the small town family house to Kat and her long-lost sister Beth.

Kat hasn’t been to the house in years, having moved to Philadelphia after being released from prison, where she was sentenced for a crime she committed shortly after graduating high school.

Upon arrival, Kat is immediately confronted by the people from her past, including:

  • an ex-boyfriend who married the homecoming queen but still has feelings for Kat;
  • the ghost of her alcoholic father, who sexually abused her as a teen; and
  • visions of her mother, who abandoned Kat and her father when Kat was a tween, taking Kat’s sister Beth away with her.

There are six things you should consider about attending this play:

David Rey portrays Sam, Kat's high school boyfriend.

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Andrew Andrews attended Chasing the River at Chain Theatre in New York on Saturday, February 8, 2020 @ 8:00pm to write this review.

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