Dear Diary LOL

By Andrew Andrews

Megan Thibodeaux, Jessica M. Johnson, Jenna Strusowski, Alicia Crosby, and Kelly Conrad star in Antigravity Performance Project’s Dear Diary LOL, part of Ice Factory’s 25th Anniversary at New Ohio Theatre. Original photo by Garrett Allen.

When you were thirteen, did you keep a diary? What did you write about? Did you dare to tell it all of your deepest secrets?

Now that you’re older, have you ever gone back and read it? Francesca Montanile Lyons did, and she was so embarrassed by what her 13-year-old self thought was important, that she turned it into a performance.

But not only Francesca: she recruited a few of her friends to review and reveal their obsessions with boy, boys and more boys, too.

With the names changed to save any one person from utter embarrassment, Alicia Crosby, Nikki Hudgins, Naomi Inoshita, Sarah Knittel and Megan Thibodeaux have woven together a totally true story that’s as endearing as it is hilarious.

Performed by most of the playwrights, with help from Jessica Johnson, Jenna Strusowski, and Michael T. Williams as every girl’s heartthrob, Brian, this show draws as much laughter from the audience as it does sympathetic "awwws," with great quotes from the journals such as:

"I am going to keep a list of every boy I like, just to help me remember."

"It’s so odd how depression is wiped away by the hands of lust... or is it love?"

"A lot of people don’t live up to my expectations."

"Why can’t I mess my life up? Everyone else is!"

"Today nothing really happened that had to do w/guys."

What really makes this production fun, though, is not the entries themselves, but the way in which they are presented.

From the opening moment when two construction workers with pink hard hats, pink jumpsuits and pink moustaches break open a time capsule with imaginary jackhammers, to the pink classroom and pink slumber party, the segues choreographed to 90’s pop songs take us back to the days of skipping portable CD players, dial-up modems and AOL Instant Messenger.

This is one trip down memory lane that’s definitely worth taking!

So check it out, then come back and tell us about your favorite moments.

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Andrew Andrews attended Dear Diary LOL at New Ohio Theatre in Manhattan on Thursday, July 26, 2018 @ 7:00pm to write this review.