Deep Night with Dale

By Andrew Andrews

Glockabelle, Shalewa Sharpe and Kyle Ayers look on as Dale Seever interviews Michael Kupperman on stage at the Slipper Room

Dale Seever is that certain kind of guy you wouldn’t sit beside to take the last empty seat on the subway, but not so creepy that you’d jump up if he took the empty seat beside you. His long running podcast, Dale Radio, used to air live from the basement of the People’s Improv Theater, where a small gathering of die-hard fans and friends-of-guests dared to make an appearance. And that’s too bad, because despite his creepy AARP persona, Dale is an excellent talk show host who really makes an effort to get to know his guests, and tries his darnedest to treat the audience to a great experience, too.

The truth is, Dale isn’t really Dale, but the alter-ego of comedian James Bewley, a role that’s long deserved a larger audience than the PIT was able to bring him. After a hiatus and a bit of personal growth, Dale has resurfaced at the Lower East Side’s more fashionable Slipper Room, slightly less creepy thanks to his recent marriage to the unseen second wife Galinda, topped with a fresh interest in the mystic arts. Entitled Deep Night with Dale, the new show follows a similar format to the Dale Radio of yesteryear, this time with a rotating musical guest and a trio of up-and-coming celebs to be interviewed.

Tonight’s guest musician was Glockabelle, a glockenspiel-wielding musician with a style that falls somewhere between (or perhaps bridges the gap from) electro-noise to 8-bit video game soundtrack. Check out her EP, available on a 4GB thumb drive with photos, videos, and the opportunity to win a tiger (and the potential to erase the drive and use it for other things). Comedian Shalewa Sharpe—the first guest to be interviewed—candidly admitted to a fear of large things (such as the balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade) and the joy of chillaxin’ while wearing nothing but a tank top and leg warmers. Comedian Kyle Ayers followed, with advice for handling hecklers and a plug for his show First Comes Love, in which a team of comics perform staged readings of porno scripts submitted by strangers in response to Craigslist ads. We’ve seen that show before, too, and highly recommend it! Last to take the chair, comic artist and illustrator Michael Kupperman spoke about some of his unexpected superhero characters, including Dale’s favorite Manister—a normal man that can turn into a banister just in time to save someone from falling down flight of stairs. Now there’s a hero worth holding on to! But seriously: Michael has a ton of credits in both print and moving pictures, and his website is definitely worth a visit.

Now that Dale’s moved out of the basement and into the Slipper Room, check him out. The show may be called Deep Night, but it starts a lot earlier than you might think—leaving you plenty of time to make it home to get all of your weeknight beauty rest. And when Dale finally hits the big time and takes over for Fallon or Colbert, you’ll be able to say that you saw him way-back-when. 4

Andrew Andrews attended Deep Night with Dale at The Slipper Room in Manhattan on Wednesday, November 23, 2016 @ 8:00pm to write this review.