Dick Pix by Daniel McCoy

Lynne Marie Rosenberg and Erinn Holmes take us into the minds of professional art handlers in Dick Pix, a funny and smart piece of experimental theater at Theater Lab. Original photo by Jody Christopherson.

By Andrew Andrews

Something special is happening in the world of live theatre: playwrights have been finding the perfect formula for mixing just enough experimental elements into a traditional story to keep us interested, engaged and excited about what’s on stage!

Earlier this month, Sam Kahn delivered it in Chatter at The Tank, and now Daniel McCoy has done it again with Dick Pix at Theater Lab, just down the block in Midtown West.

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Andrew Andrews attended Dick Pix by Daniel McCoy at Theaterlab in New York on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 @ 7:30pm to write this review.

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