Do This One Thing For Me

By Andrew Andrews

Jane Elias performs every role in Do This One Thing For Me, directed by Tracy Bersley at the New York International Fringe Festival. Original photo by Michael Priest.

Jane Elias is a master of accents.

In her solo show, Do This One Thing for Me, Jane wields the art of the accent to convey more than half a dozen characters as she shares the story of her father and their interactions, from her earliest memories to more recent times.

“Jane? Jane, get up,” she begins. “It’s time to go to sleep.”

You might say that Jane’s father has lived a charmed life. Exiled from Greece in World War II and marched by the Nazis to Auschwitz when he was only fifteen, Dad was barely spared the gas chamber when the British arrived the morning he was to be executed.

It probably goes without saying that he wanted a better life for his daughter. That he worries about his daughter, even as a grown woman, living on her own. That he really wished she would Do This One Thing and just call him, every morning, to let him know that she’s still alive and well.

But Dad and juvenile Janula are not the only characters Jane plays in this performance.

There’s Mrs. Palmer, her tenth grade Global Studies teacher.

Pauline, the leader of her Tauck Tour to Auschwitz.

Louie, the Ozzie yob.

Pavel, the Auschwitz tour guide.

Leon, the official educator for the trip.

Abhijit, A.K.A. A.B., the Ozzie transplant from India documenting the experience for a museum in Melbourne.

And Shelley, the fellow traveler.

Did we miss anyone? That’s a lot of accents!

Whether you call it a solo show or a diverse cast of characters, Jane Elias pulls you into her story, tugs on your heart strings and leaves you feeling a little more human in the end.

No wonder the rest of the performances at FringeNYC have sold out!

If you’re lucky enough to catch this intimate show in a rarely-seen venue, let us know which of Jane’s characters you enjoyed the most, and we’ll use your rating to help you find future special events you’re sure to love!


Andrew Andrews attended Do This One Thing For Me at FringeHUB in Manhattan on Sunday, October 21, 2018 @ 6:30pm to write this review.