DruidShakespeare: Richard III

Richard (Aaron Monaghan) taunts Edward (John Olohan) as Hastings (Garrett Lombard) and Elizabeth (Jane Brennan) offer support in DruidShakespeare: Richard III, part of the Lincoln Center White Lights Festival at Gerald W Lynch Theatre. Original photo by Robbie Jack.
What’s it like to hear Shakespeare performed with an Irish accent?

By Andrew Andrews

Shakespeare’s Richard III tells of the rise and fall of that King of England.

A gruesome, generally-disliked man stricken since birth with a back deformity, Richard nonetheless manages to manipulate those around him to seek his favor and destroy his adversaries.

With Richard’s oldest brother, King Edward, about to die of illness, Richard orders the assassination of his other brother, Clarence, and both of Edward’s sons, clearing the way for Richard to usurp the throne.

Over the past forty years, Druid Theatre has risen as one of Ireland’s major performing companies, touring the country as well as the English-speaking world. Richard III continues Druid’s tradition of covering Shakespeare’s kings that started with their epic production of The Henriad.

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Andrew Andrews attended DruidShakespeare: Richard III at Gerald W Lynch Theater in New York on Saturday, November 9, 2019 @ 7:00pm to write this review.

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