Duck (Michael Sean Cirelli) quacks at Abbie (Kellye Rowland) on a park bench in the IRT 3B Development Series production of Tom Block’s Duck. Original photo by Steven Pisano.
Can we define ourselves by one event?

By Andrew Andrews

A CIA statistician suffers a mental breakdown after learning that his decision to round a probability up instead of down results in the assassination of a man who might have been a terrorist sympathizer, or just a Good Samaritan who made a few bad decisions. The resulting stress causes the man—codenamed Duck—to communicate with others mostly by quacking at them.

Duck’s brother, also a CIA operative codenamed Crumb, goes AWOL over the same traumatic event, choosing a life of homelessness to escape the system.

Through flashbacks, we also discover that Duck served as a witness to his father’s assisted suicide during a visit to Rotterdam.

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Andrew Andrews attended Duck at IRT Theater in New York on Monday, October 28, 2019 @ 8:00pm to write this review.

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