Fear in the Western World

Maria Camia, Nikki Calonge and David Commander perform Fear in the Western World at The Doxsee Target Margin Theater in Sunset Park. Original photos by Maria Baranova.
Does guns + puppets = horror or humor?

By Andrew Andrews

A father, mother and daughter have just moved into a gated community, only to learn that their house is haunted.

The home strangely features a vending machine that offers food, clothing and a wide selection of firearms for purchase.

When the daughter is abducted by evil spirits, the parents give chase through the mysterious catacombs beneath the property, where they encounter strange beings who distract them from their mission.

Most of the characters are puppets with LCD faces resembling smart phones, and as the action unfolds on the stage, three large projection screens depict the story in the style of a first-person-shooter video game, with mom in the driver's seat.

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Andrew Andrews attended Fear in the Western World at Target Margin Theater Doxsee Theater in Brooklyn on Thursday, January 2, 2020 @ 8:00pm to write this review.

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