Fourteen Funerals

Team Sienna or Team Millie: whose side are you on?

By Andrew Andrews

Haley Wong and Montana Lampert Hoover star in Bridge Street Theatre’s production of Eric Pfeffinger’s Fourteen Funerals, directed by Sara Lampert Hoover. Original photos by John Sowle.

Millie is sitting behind her desk at the Martin Mortuary in Blissfield, Indiana, when Sienna walks in from Chicago.

Millie looks and acts the part of a funeral director in Blissfield, Indiana. Sienna looks and acts like she was #LivingTheBestLife in Chicago before she arrived here.

Millie summoned Sienna because she’s the last surviving member of the Fitchwood family, after her fourteen relatives in Blissfield were killed in an illegal fireworks explosion at the family home.

“Fitchwoods always loved their illegal fireworks,” Millie explains. “You can take some comfort in knowing they went doing what they loved. Which of the Fitchwoods were you close with?”

“Oh,” Sienna replies, “I’ve never laid eyes on most of them.”

It turns out that Sienna would never set foot in Blissfield were it not for the possibility that, as the only remaining Fitchwood, she might be eligible for a hefty inheritance.

Promising that there might be something for her, Millie convinces Sienna to deliver the eulogies for the fourteen strangers over the course of two weeks.

Fortunately, Millie can help Sienna learn just enough about each relative to do the trick—provided the two of them can stop arguing over whether Blissfield is small-town Millie’s happiest place on earth or the hell-hole that city-girl Sienna assumes.

On a set designed by John Sowle, Sienna (Wong) delivers short, bittersweet eulogies for each of fourteen relatives, most of whom she’d never even met.

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Andrew Andrews attended Fourteen Funerals at Bridge Street Theatre in Catskill on Sunday, June 5, 2022 @ 2:00pm to write this review.