Get Hit

By Andrew Andrews

James (George Colligan) and Archie (Ryan Avalos) use a birthday candle propped up in a frozen pastry to perform a makeshift memorial service in The Company Company’s new play, Get Hit, written and directed by Dylan Guerra. Photo by Madeleine Boudreaux.

Did you ever meet someone who was the epitome of fun in the beginning... only to reveal their deep, dark selves once they won you over? Actor-turned-playwright Dylan Guerra delivers exactly that with his debut production Get Hit, running now at The Medicine Show Theater.

George Colligan stars as James, a young, gay slacker in Miami who’s been out of the closet for so long that he’s jaded by it. You might remember Guerra and Colligan from their superb performances in Rare Birds. Now, Guerra has applied his talents behind the scenes, writing and directing Colligan and company in a very different but equally disturbing tale. After losing his busboy job for repeated tardiness, James develops a scheme with his roommate Jess (Holly Settoon) to get into car “accidents” for money. The scheme quickly balloons to dangerous proportions when accomplices Archie (Ryan Avalos), Paula (Leslie Ballart) and her couch-surfing “friend” Jill (Nina Dramer) are brought in.

As with Jill, who starts off flattering and endearing Paula, gradually exposing her shady side with time, the first half of this play is a fast-paced comedic romp, with characters finishing each others’ sentences and monologues that converge and diverge in a way that simulates a movie montage more effectively than any other play we’ve seen. And then, sometime before intermission, the mood dims with such subtlety that you barely even notice it’s happened—the way daylight turns to darkness in the minutes after sunset. For this story, that period of dusk revolves around Conor Proft’s character Patrick, an innocent young Mormon whose life intersects with the troublesome crew through a handful of events—many of which only become apparent through a series of flashbacks in the second part of the show.

Just like the scheme of the characters it portrays, Get Hit will catch you off-guard, stopping short and taking advantage of you when you least expect it. If you drive, it will make you think twice about following too closely, and suspicious if you ever have the misfortune of rear-ending someone who insists you’ll all be better off just keeping the incident off the record. And if you already have negative opinions of our fellow citizens in the Sunshine State, then this show will certainly not make them any more endearing! So check it out, then come back here and let us know what you thought. Whether you like it, love it, or it isn’t your thing, your reviews help others decide if they should attend, and your ratings help us help you find future events and activities you’ll love!


Andrew Andrews attended Get Hit at Medicine Show Theatre in Manhattan on Thursday, June 29, 2017 @ 9:00pm to write this review.