Is George Brant’s one-woman drama as good as his eight-person comedy?

By Andrew Andrews

Suzen Baraka stars in Denizen Theatre’s production of George Brant’s one-woman play Grounded, directed by Stephanie Courtney. Original photo by Jonathan Sherburne.

A fighter jet pilot loves sailing through the wild blue yonder, as well as the post-flight camaraderie with the guys. But after she falls in love with a man who is turned on by her position and the jumpsuit that goes with it, the pilot is Grounded until after she delivers their baby.

When she returns to duty more than three years later, our pilot is assigned to the “chair force” directing an $11 million unmanned drone on top secret missions, holed-up in a windowless trailer on a base outside of Las Vegas.

At first believing the assignment is punishment for taking maternity leave, she soon becomes addicted to the danger-free combat—until she finds the 12-hour daily shifts to be more than she can bear.

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Andrew Andrews attended Grounded at Denizen Theatre in New Paltz on Saturday, June 11, 2022 @ 7:00pm to write this review.