Happy Life

Discover the dark side of Hello Kitty and the benefits of tentacle porn!

By Andrew Andrews

Priyanka Arya Krishnan and Amy Chang in Kathy Ng’s Happy Life, directed by Kat Yen for The Hearth at Walkerspace. Original photos by Julia Weinberg.

Birdy, a “boundlessly common” woman, is ready to move into her new Hong Kong apartment to begin her Happy Life after separating from her husband.

So what if the apartment was the site of a gruesome murder, where a nightclub hostess was tortured and raped in captivity before dying of shock, when her body was dismembered and boiled, and her skull sewn into a Hello Kitty doll?

So what if the apartment was also the site where a young trans person committed suicide by hanging themselves from a doorknob (apparently it’s a popular way to do it these days)?

So what if the flat is now haunted by both of the deceased, in the form of two ghosts named Cat Mermaid and Hermit?

Thanks to being a famous crime scene, this studio apartment comes really cheap… and Birdy is extremely vulnerable.

Alone, unemployed and pregnant, she’ll take what she can get.

Even if it means conversing with the ghosts.

Even if it means bargaining with them.

Even if it means taking care of Hermit until it’s time for reincarnation.

At least when the ghosts are around, Birdy isn’t alone.

Viet Vo (not shown), Rachel Yong and Sagan Chen complete the cast.

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