The Journey

Original photo by David Clode from Unsplash.
We’ll give you 5 reasons to see this “psychedelic comedy in 3 acts!”

By Andrew Andrews

Straight-edge atheist Nick Landers wants to marry his not-so-Jewish girlfriend Luna.

Luna’s father expects Nick—who’s never even smoked marijuana—to share in a family ritual consuming chocolate hearts infused with the psychedelic “medicine” ayahuasca before Dad gives the engagement his blessing.

The story is narrated by the family dog named Tom Petty, who has coincidentally been possessed by the ghost of the real Tom Petty.

At first, Tom Petty only reveals himself to the audience. But after the dog gets into the extra chocolate knowing it’s been laced, he starts to share his secret in private conversations with Nick and a pet psychologist named Burt Becker, who unwittingly partakes when he samples the chocolate, not knowing what it contains.

Here are five reasons you should see this “psychedelic comedy in three acts” at The Tank:

Leif Riddell, Stephanie Roseman, Jeffrey Grover, Sami Petrucci, Kelsey Susino, Jessica Van Niel, Annabelle Fox, Marco Greco and Desirée Baxter are part of the fourteen-member cast. Original photo from the company.

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Andrew Andrews attended The Journey at The Tank The 56 in New York on Sunday, February 9, 2020 @ 3:00pm to write this review.

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