Long Day’s Journey into Night

Christopher Joel Onken (Edmund), Roxanne Fay (Mary), Taylor Congdon (Cathleen), Christopher Patrick Mullen (Jamie) and Steven Patterson (James) bring Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day Journey into Night to the Bridge Street Theatre in Catskill. Original photo by Lisa Wood.
This son of a wealthy actor gives us a peek into their home, and it’s not as glamorous as you probably think.

By Andrew Andrews

It’s another August day at Monte Cristo Cottage at the edge of Long Island Sound, and that means another day full of bickering among the family of James Tyrone, a successful but miserly retired actor.

Mary, his wife, has just come home from rehab for a morphine addiction; Edmund, their younger son, is waiting to learn whether he’s suffering from consumption; and Jamie, the older son, is disparaged for blowing every penny on women and booze and failing to hold a job.

So begins our Long Day’s Journey into NightEugene O’Neill’s three-hour, four-act masterpiece on a ghostly, fog-inspired set in the sleepy little village of Catskill, New York.

Widely regarded as one of America’s greatest plays of all time, O’Neill’s autobiographical tale provides a glimpse into his dysfunctional family’s bored but troubled existence.

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Andrew Andrews attended Long Day’s Journey into Night at Bridge Street Theatre in Catskill on Saturday, November 13, 2021 @ 7:00pm to write this review.

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