Made in China

By Andrew Andrews

Made in China answers the centuries-old question: what if Narnia was really China, reached through a suburban American toilet instead of a wardrobe in an old English estate? And what if it was discovered not by four children, but a lonely, aging and "difficult" divorcée and her lonely, aging and acrophobic neighbor? And what if Aslan was holed away in a forced labor camp, and the neighbor had been exiled from Narnia—er, China—many decades ago, never intending to return?

No, people, this is not the latest Broadway production from Disney, despite the elaborate puppets with an almost animation-like quality. And it is not a story for children (or for that matter, the easily offended), full of liberal use of the F-word, not to mention puppet sex and full-frontal polyester nudity. But this is a musical of professional caliber, with catchy songs, an engaging story and laugh-out-loud moments from beginning to end. And on top of that, it’s a call-to-action with a not-so-subtle message about human rights and social responsibility. Put it all together and you’ll find a unique theatrical experience that will challenge your idea of what a puppet show can be. 4

Andrew Andrews attended Made in China at 59E59 Theaters in Manhattan on Sunday, February 12, 2017 @ 3:00pm to write this review.