Metropolis Burlesque presents Mystery Science Burlesque 3000

By Andrew Andrews

Sincerely Yours opens her burlesque interpretation of the movie "Alien Hunter" during Mystery Science Burlesque 3000 at the Lower East Side’s Slipper Room.

We never really watched much MST3K, usually too busy running around to sit in front of the TV. But we liked the concept and enjoy a good burlesque show on occasion, so when Metropolis Burlesque’s Mystery Science Burlesque 3000 showed up on the radar, we ventured back to the Slipper Room (where we haven’t been since Deep Night with Dale) to check out the live commentary by Moe Cheezmo and his Canadian-Club-bottle robot friend “C.C.”

Tonight’s event featured Apathy Angel as stage kitten Mr. B. Natural, and opened with Holly Ween sensually oozing out of a red cocoon for The Blob before Brettzo interpreted the painful-to-watch Manos: The Hands of Fate by leaving the stage for an eternity in the middle of his set. Sincerely Yours disrobed while fighting aliens as Alien Hunter before Mo, C.C. and Mr. B. returned to the stage to sell raffle tickets for three prize-filled bags of B-movie memorabilia. After the break, Petite Renard undressed to reveal buck-teeth and a rodent-like merkin for Zombeavers before Logan Laveau spazzed her way out of a suit as Tommy Wiseau of The Room.

The amount of effort and creativity that burlesque artists consistently put into their costumes and routines is even more impressive than their willingness to bare nearly everything for their art, and tonight’s lineup was no exception. Closing act Dottie Riot’s Wasp Woman was as intricate as they come, and we regret that our seats were too far away (and the venue a little too dark) to get decent photos of anybody’s presentations.

If you’ve never been to a burlesque show, it’s probably not what you think: funny, not sleezy; feminist, not exploitative. Lucky for you, there’s good burlesque to be found in New York City virtually every night of the week, including Metropolis Burlesque’s monthly guest spot at the Slipper Room. So practice your cat calls and get yourself to the Lower East Side to hoot & holler for the guys and dolls that bare it all!*

*Almost all, anyway!


Andrew Andrews attended Metropolis Burlesque presents Mystery Science Burlesque 3000 at The Slipper Room in Manhattan on Thursday, February 23, 2017 @ 8:00pm to write this review.