Nothing Here Is Real

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By Andrew Andrews

In Nothing Here Is Real, Gary Ferrar seems to know what you’re thinking before you do. Original photos by Harrison Kramer.

Gary Ferrar is a mentalist, but he’s not a mind reader.

Or so he says.

At his show in the basement of a bar/restaurant in the Upper West Side, Gary performs feats of magic and connected brain waves before a small but full house of fans, skeptics and people who haven’t quite made up their mind.

From expressing what people are thinking to knowing which billiards ball they’ll knock into which pocket first before they even break the rack, Gary has documented his predictions about everything that will happen during the evening’s performance before it takes place.

Because, as Gary puts it, every detail has been scripted, and Nothing Here Is Real.

Staring into her eyes, the magician somehow knew that my friend had been thinking about how happy she was that she house-trained her new dog earlier in the day.

Another friend was asked to collect index cards from random audience members that they received upon entering the venue. When she got to the stage and read the cards aloud in the order she had collected them, she read her own name, a description of the shirt she was wearing, and all of the details of the performance.

Like Gary said, it was all just part of the script.

After the show, I asked my group how they liked the experience. Here are their thoughts:

Ferrar entertains and engages his Upper West Side audience in the Cocktail Lounge beneath the Oxbow Tavern. Performances currently sell out monthly, with talk of increasing the frequency so more people can experience the magic.
  1. Stephanie liked Gary’s innovation and energy, but really appreciated the level of audience participation. She rated the show four stars, saying it would be five if there was more to it.
  2. Amy was wowed and entertained, and really enjoyed Gary’s engaging, open approach, also giving the show four stars.
  3. Sandy considered this a five-star experience, appreciating Gary’s connection with the audience, allowing us to enjoy some belly laughs with what felt like a roomful of good friends.
  4. Susan also gave the show five stars, saying that Gary did a really good job of moving the show along with a wide variety of tricks, some of which were truly amazing.

As for me: I thought the tricks ranged from easy to explain to impossible to figure out, and I wish there had been more of them. And while I appreciated the fact that the $49 ticket price included two drinks instead of enforcing a two-drink minimum, I would have much preferred that the price of the show be twenty bucks or less, with the freedom to choose for myself how much to spend on alcohol, if anything at all.


Andrew Andrews attended Nothing Here Is Real at Oxbow Tavern Cocktail Lounge in Manhattan on Sunday, February 23, 2020 @ 7:00pm to write this review.