Our Man in Santiago

Is this “comic spy thriller” even funny? How about thrilling?

By Andrew Andrews

Michael Van Duzer as Henry Kissinger and and Steve Nevil as Richard Nixon in Benjamin Scuglia and Little Jack Production’s run of Mark Wilding’s retro comic spy thriller, Our Man in Santiago. Original photos by director Charlie Mount.

CIA operative Daniel Baker has just arrived in a hotel room across the street from the presidential palace in Santiago.

Reporting to his new boss, Jack Wilson, Baker has been called in because Chilean President Salvador Allende is about to be ousted in a coup d'état supported by the American agency.

Baker is having second thoughts about his country’s involvement in the foreign affair. But when U.S. President Richard Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger call Wilson for an update, the senior officer promises the leaders that the plan will go off without a hitch, thanks to a “man inside the palace.”

Baker, it turns out, is going to be that man, commanded to waltz on in with forged press credentials while everyone else is evacuating.

Inspired by a Harpers Magazine article by Gabriel García Márquez about real-life events in 1973, this darkly comic spy thriller launched at LA’s Theater West before making is way east to Manhattan.

Nick McDow Musleh, Steve Nevil, Presciliana Esparolini, Michael Van Duzer and George Tovar make up the cast, with Scenic Design by Jeff G. Rack and Lighting and Sound Design by the director.

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