Jonathan Matthews strikes a pose in This Is Not A Theatre Company's immersive Play!. Original photo courtesy of the company.
Last September, This Is Not A Theatre Company earned five stars for Café Play. Have they done it again without the Café?

By Andrew Andrews

The title, Play!, is a play on words. The piece is an immersive play, so to speak, about play. It’s a play with play, a play that erupts into play, but, ironically, not a play within a play. Combining modern dance, yoga, and a poetic monologue that borders on tirade, Play! begins by convincing the audience of the necessity of play, then beckons the whole lot to participate. Young and old, gregarious or timid, from clown to curmudgeon, everyone, eventually plays.

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Andrew Andrews attended Play! at Theaterlab in New York on Sunday, September 8, 2019 @ 7:00pm to write this review.

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