Pop Punk High

By Andrew Andrews

The cast of Anderson Cook and Not the Normal Productions’ Pop Punk High, now playing at (Le) Poisson Rouge, sports their best retro pop punk attire (by Olivia Hern) atop a trash heap on a loading dock. Original photo by Joe Walker.

Introducing Pop Punk High!

How much would you pay for a high-energy musical with a nine-member cast and a live punk orchestra in a concert-style setting at a premium music venue? Fifty dollars? Seventy-five? One Hundred Dollars or even more?

But wait!

Before you answer: this musical features all of the lingo, all of the teenage angst, all of the sophomoric melodrama that will take you straight back to the year 2003! With fifteen pop punk songs to remind you of Green Day, Blink 182, Third Eye Blind and—most importantly—pop punk goddess Avril Lavigne, Pop Punk High’s talented cast is directed by Felicia Lobo and stars Amanda Centeno, Brenna Donahue, Sarah Anne Fernandez, Jacob Grover, Jess Kaliban, Kelly Krauter, Ben Lapidus, McLean Peterson, Zac Porter, Timiki Salinas, Patrick Sweeney, Leanne Velednitsky, Mina Walker, and Eric Wiegand!

Now how much would you pay? Two hundred dollars? Three?

But wait! There’s more!

Before the show, you’ll be treated to a set by pop punk cover band Dude Ranch, playing some of your favorite pop punk songs from the birth of the pop punk era. It’s like getting two separate pop punk shows for the price of one!

But wait, there’s even more!

After the show, stick around for pop punk live band karaoke, where you can show off your own pop punk singing skillz, choosing from a wide array of pop punk songs to perform in front of a live audience!

It’s like getting three separate pop punk shows for the price of one!

And it doesn’t stop there! Show up in your best pop punk attire and you can win a package of fabulous Pop Punk High prizes by competing in the pop punk costume contest! Or, if you sacrificed your pop punk image to the thrift shop long ago, just stick around and vote for your pop punk favorite!

That’s right, folks, you get four pop punk shows for the price of one! So now, how much would you pay? Four hundred? Five hundred? One thousand dollars!?

Not so fast—hang onto your line of credit! If you act now, you can get all of this—the opening punk pop set by Dude Ranch, the full-length Pop Punk High musical, the evening of pop punk live band karaoke and the pop punk costume contest—all for the low, low price of just $35!

If you’re a student, rush the venue before the show for the unbeatable pop punk price of just $25!

Or, up the ante by twenty-five bucks and Pop Punk High will throw in early admission, a Pop Punk High long-sleeved tee shirt, a CD (yes, a real compact disc!) of highlights from the original cast recording and preferential treatment in the live band karaoke!

This offer ends soon, so call now or visit lpr.com to purchase tickets online—no AOL account required! And when you’re all pop-punked out after the show, come back here and share your pop punk experience with our pop punk readers!

Your reviews help others decide whether Pop Punk High is pop-punk enough for them, and your ratings help us help you find future performances (pop punk or not!) that you’re sure to love!


Andrew Andrews attended Pop Punk High at Le Poisson Rouge in Manhattan on Thursday, September 20, 2018 @ 7:30pm to write this review.