The Price

Janet E. Nurre as Esther and Jeffery Battersby as Victor in County Players’ production of Arthur Miller’s The Price. Original photos by Louisa Vilardi.
You’ll be shocked about what I got out of this performance.

By Andrew Andrews

It’s time for NYPD sergeant Victor Franz to sell off his deceased parents’ furniture and other effects, but his estranged brother Walter won’t show up to approve the deal with the appraiser.

Walter, a successful doctor, hasn’t been answering Victor’s calls for more than a decade.

The riff has something to do with Vic’s giving up a high-paying career of his own to support his parents after the great depression took his father’s fortune, but the details aren’t disclosed in the conversation between Vic and his resentful wife Esther.

After the antiques dealer, Mr. Solomon, finally stops stalling and makes an offer, Walter magically appears to resolve the brothers’ dispute, and throws a wrench into the deal.

The cast and crew (L-R): Marc Schroeder, Michael J. Frohnhoefer (Walter), Rosemary Evaul, James Steinmeyer, Scott Woolley, Douglas Woolley (Solomon), Janet E. Nurre (Esther), Steve Stefanchik, Beth Zambito and Jeffery Battersby (Victor).

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Andrew Andrews attended The Price at Falls Theatre in Wappingers Falls on Saturday, November 6, 2021 @ 8:00pm to write this review.

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