Quiet Enjoyment

Meredith (Samantha Mercado Tudda) makes Abe (Mario Claudio) scream "Uncle!" as Karma (Megan Simard) snaps a selfie of the action. Original photo by Mozinya Productions.
Is this comical tale as thrilling as a love affair or as boring as a real estate closing?

By Andrew Andrews

As part of their divorce, Peter has agreed to transfer ownership of his co-op apartment to Juliana.

Peter's concubine—a hippie half his age named Karma—has accompanied him to the closing, and nobody else is particularly happy about her presence.

To further complicate matters, Peter is anxiously waiting for a wire transfer from his offshore bank account to pay off the mortgage, or the deal won't go through.

The Playroom Theater occupies the space vacated by The Tank when they moved closer to Penn Station a few years ago. Returning for the first time since the move reminded us of the many great episodes of Rule of 7x7 we saw here, as well as other good and not-so-good productions. And so we wondered, where would Quiet Enjoyment fall on that spectrum?

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Andrew Andrews attended Quiet Enjoyment at Playroom Theater in New York on Saturday, October 19, 2019 @ 7:00pm to write this review.

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