Relentlessly Pleasant

By Andrew Andrews

Welcome to HER(E) SHE, a new all-female co-working space!

Don’t know what co-working is? It’s “like a library. Like a Starbucks. Like a waiting room—”

It’s a fucking women-only office, and there’s no tissues, and no privacy!”

“Is it always like this? Tense?”

The staff is working hard to get everything in order. Co-founders Alison (Deanna Henson) and Gina (Maria Maloney) are giving the tour to prospective members. Emily (Amanda Rodhe), Beth (Jaya Tripathi), Carla (Jessica DiSalvo) and Dede (Shauna Pinkett) are prepping the feminist lending library, attending meditation classes and having their photos taken for the website.

“We really need more places to connect—it’s like being back at Wellesley!”

Despite the unforeseen calamities threatening to derail the opening celebration—a canceled keynote speaker, a delivery gone horribly wrong and a male photographer (Patrick Daniel Smith) sexually assaulting one of the employees—everything remains Relentlessly Pleasant.

Alicia Campbell and Lori Funk round out the cast by playing eleven roles between the two of them. Talk about Grrl Power!

Written and directed by Ms. Jake Lipman, founder and artistic director of Tongue in Cheek Theater, this new play draws inspiration from Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and A.R. Gurney’s The Dining Room to create a feminist piece about women and work.

“I wrote Relentlessly Pleasant in response to these challenging times in corporate culture and beyond,” explains Lipman. “If this story resonates with you, please encourage others to come see it.”

Resonates, indeed.

Check out HER(E) SHE’s new digs—inside Theatre 54 in Midtown—then come back here (she!) and tell us what you think of the Amelia Earhart conference room and the Eleanor Roosevelt main hall.

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Andrew Andrews attended Relentlessly Pleasant at Shetler Studios & Theatres in Manhattan on Sunday, October 21, 2018 @ 2:30pm to write this review.