Rose's War

Alex Lugo and the Ensemble dancing in Rose's War. Photo by Russ Rowland.
This musical mashes South Pacific and Chicago with The Negro Motorist’s Green Book. Is the result a bombshell, or a ten-car pile-up?

By Andrew Andrews

Rose’s War is the story of three wars: World War II, the war between the sexes, and, primarily, the war over segregation, especially in the jazz clubs of Harlem.

Alex Lugo stars as the diva Rose, the illegitimate daughter of Cecil (Gavin Gregory), a smack-addicted trumpeter and owner of the integrated Pair O’Dice club.

The musical feast explores Rose’s interracial romance with Danny (Jace Reinhard) of the 8th Army Air Corps, who sometimes plays piano and sings at Pair O’Dice.

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Andrew Andrews attended Rose's War at The Clemente Teatro LATEA in New York on Friday, August 16, 2019 @ 4:00pm to write this review.

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