Seven Sins

Théâtre XIV, Brooklyn

What makes this show so sinfully delightful?

By Andrew Andrews

Lilin, Demi Remick, Marcy Richardson, Emily Stockwell, Chanel Stone and Hannah Straney in Company XIV’s Seven Sins at Théâtre XIV in Bushwick. Original photos by Mark Shelby Perry.

Company XIV is perhaps best known for Nutcracker Rouge, a somewhat naughty, sensual interpretation of the classic Christmas tale, full of song, dance, acrobatics and a hearty dose of exposed skin.

Of course, the holidays aren’t the only time of year to get hot & bothered, so to warm things up for the coming spring, XIV now presents Seven Sins.

For about the price of a ticket to a hit musical, you’re treated to a multitude of performance styles that celebrate the carnality of the human body, in a setting decidedly more opulent, decadent and intimate than your typical Broadway theatre—especially if you choose the premium seating closer to the stage.

Part cabaret, part circus, part peep show, Seven Sins brings the story of Adam & Eve to life before tracing the couple through a series of acts that vividly illustrate the so-called “seven deadly sins.”

Beyond the title and subject matter, there’s a lot to make this show sinfully delightful. Without giving away too many surprises, here’s what you can expect:

Pretty Lamé as Gluttony, with the cast of Seven Sins.
  • Apples: straight from the Garden of Eden!
  • Aerialism: acrobats hovering not only above the stage, but above the audience, too.
  • Booze: bottles be poppin’ and cocktails be stirrin’.
  • Costumes: always elaborate yet equally skimpy, it’s incredible how so much fabric can still reveal so much flesh!
  • Dance: from ballet to can-can, modern to burlesque, even pole dancing to tap dancing—and all of it while everyone is in heels.
  • Food: from premium snacks in the audience, to a performance orgy that would make George Costanza scream “heaven!”
  • Glitter: falling from the sky, blanketing the stage, and sticking to the skin.
  • Vocals: from sensual, jazzy lounge numbers to operatic arias delivered from unusual scenarios.

Despite the over-the-top-atmosphere, the crowd is surprisingly unpretentious and casual. Also remarkable, the performers really earn their living—not only while on stage, but helping you to your seats before the show and mixing and peddling drinks behind the bar and throughout the crowd during two intermissions. Just try getting that kind of face-to-face service from a Broadway diva!

While you’ll have to pay extra for some of its more decadent features, Seven Sins is best thought of as an experience beyond a mere performance—and the more you spend, the more you’ll enjoy it. But even in the hundred-dollar “cheap seats” with no add-ons, you’ll be treated to a wonderful feast for the eyes, ears… and loins.

Andrew Andrews attended Seven Sins at Théâtre XIV in Brooklyn on Thursday, March 5, 2020 @ 8:00pm to write this review.