Shelley's Shadow

This guy is posting to Facebook about his neighbor’s memory loss, and people are leaving a lot of comments.

By Andrew Andrews

Daniel Hall Kuhn and Steven Patterson in the world premiere of Brad Fraser’s Shelley’s Shadow, directed by John Sowle with costume design by Michelle Rogers. Original photos by John Sowle.

Fifty-something writer David McMillan is “an artistic type who just got his diploma in hopes of finally getting a real job.” On the elevator of his Toronto high-rise, he keeps bumping into a vibrant, elderly neighbor named Shelley and her spunky dog, Shadow.

After Shelley is hurt by a band of muggers, David volunteers to walk Shadow until she recovers, beginning an unexpected friendship that David decides to share on Facebook.

Gradually, David learns that Shelley is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. He also discovers that Shadow is capable of human speech—but only willing to communicate with his new “alpha.”

Billed as an “only slightly fictionalized story” (Hmmm… I wonder if the part about Shadow speaking English is fact or fantasy?), this world premiere play by Canadian Brad Fraser is the first-ever commission by Bridge Street Theatre.

Shelley (Janet Keller) poses with David (Steven Patterson) and Shadow (Daniel Hall Kuhn) for a selfie destined for Facebook.

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