Shelter in Place

Jennifer (Megan Greener) and Zeek (Brandon Fox) argue as Jahoose (Rahoul Roy) ignores them. Original photo by Lorenzo Tijerina.
How bad can things get when four misfits fear they're about to die in a burning building?

By Andrew Andrews

At four o’clock every Friday afternoon, four mismatched adults show up at an art studio to attend a drawing class.

Robert hopes that the creative outlet will help him manage his anger.

Jennifer needs to find an identity that’s not defined by her family.

Ithaca, a kleptomaniac, has previous artistic experience, but wants to establish herself in the art world.

And the resident weed dealer, Zeek, needs something to take his mind off the ex-girfriend who dumped him and won’t return his calls.

Seminar leader Jahoose has some personal problems of his own, but nobody can get to the bottom of them, because he prefers to keep his personal life personal.

The group’s dynamics are awkwardly funny and entertainingly tense… until the fire alarm goes off, Robert bolts for the door, and the rest of the bunch are instructed by an announcement over the public address system to Shelter in Place.

Sorry to interrupt…

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Andrew Andrews attended Shelter in Place at Under St Marks Theater in New York on Thursday, October 24, 2019 @ 7:30pm to write this review.

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