Singin’ in the ER

Sara Cook, Robin Brenner, Ruby Lynn Reyner, Levi Wise, Richard Craven, Joyce Miller, Mila Levine and Xan Aspero fill the cast of Singin’ in the ER. Original photo by Jonathan Slaff.
Is this absurd play destined to become a cult classic, or is it more of a swan song?

By Andrew Andrews

Singin’ in the ER is the first solo production from the legendary experimental theater diva Ruby Lynn Reyner, the Drama Desk winner and Emmy nominee who starred in John Vacarro’s 1960’s Play-House of the Ridiculous.

On a set that looks like the triage unit of M*A*S*H, Reyner and her cast perform this completely absurd satire based on her own emergency room experiences, for an audience of fans that have likely followed her career from its earliest days. Full of dated idioms and cultural references, puns and politically-incorrect humor, ER tracks the plotless events that unfold in the emergency room of St. Vickies hospital, especially surrounding Reyner’s character Amanda Reckonwith, a “famous has-been star” who needs the attending Dr. Shlong to figure out what’s going on in her vagina.

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Andrew Andrews attended Singin’ in the ER at Theater for the New City Cino Theater in New York on Friday, October 4, 2019 @ 8:00pm to write this review.

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