Sketchy Weekend

By Andrew Andrews

In "Costume Controversy," four people dressed as singer Pit Bull must prove themselves worthy in a dance-off.

There’s only one thing wrong about the sketch shows put on by Wrong House Productions:

They don’t happen frequently enough!

Of course, unlike SNL with its zillion-dollar budget and team of full-time writers, we know that Wrong House doesn’t have the resources to produce a new show every week.

But we last caught Sketchy Sketch Night six months ago—and six months is just too long. So we were excited to learn that Wrong House would once again be taking over the space at TADA! Youth Theater, and jumped at the opportunity to revisit the space, and—more importantly—delight ourselves with another great night of sketch comedy from Alyssa Abraham and her merrymaking crew.

And they did not disappoint!

Opening the show with Little Gun: The Musical, about a pro-gun high school drama team’s appearance on a television show calling for an end to gun violence, we knew that once again Wrong House would be pulling out all the stops.

In their second sketch, Improv Class, a newbie played by Sierra Hubsher joined an established troupe led by Jeremy Sapadin, where she was taunted by Jessika McQueen, Jack Creaghan, Shannon McInally and Jacob Dabby about how ugly she was. Yes, and… about how ugly she was.

Next up, Hubsher and Sapadin were joined by Claudia Smith, Brendan Byrne and Sam Khazai in Pizza Delivery, in which a demented homebody demands entertainment from a group of delivery people before letting them go.

Before “intermission,” Hank and the Broads brought Alyssa Abraham and Megan Abell back to the stage for the first time since the opening musical. In this sketch, a husband verbally abuses his wife and her “cake party” guests on the set of a disturbing sitcom, until the wife can’t take anymore, and her guests and the audience encourage her to fight back.

Now, about that “intermission.” There’s a reason we put it in quotation marks: because the show doesn’t really pause for us to return to the lobby to refill our drinks. Instead, the crew brought the refills to usin the form of Jello shots tossed into the crowd—as they danced around the theater, keeping the energy high as Wrong House has been known to do!

To the best of our knowledge, even SNL doesn’t treat its audience to free Jello shots!

Model U.N. was next, in which teacher Luz Ozuna graded a presentation by two high school students about Chad, with the students insisting that everyone with that given name must be considered a native of the country.

In Fight Your Dad, a disturbing game show purporting to offer a father-son bonding experience becomes even more disturbing when a single mom disguises herself as a man so she and her daughter can participate.

The penultimate sketch, Privacy Policy, put Tom from MySpace before a congressional hearing to ask how he was able to infiltrate their Top 8 as soon as they created their social media accounts.

And lastly, in Costume Controversy, four people dressed as singer Pit Bull had to prove themselves worthy of the costume by competing in a dance-off.

If you attended the show, then you know there was one more sketch that we haven’t yet mentioned.

Saving the best for last (judging by audience response), Sapadin’s Fifth Dentist was the highlight this time around, in which four dentists kidnapped and tormented one of their peers who refuses to acknowledge Colgate as the best toothpaste.

With nine quality sketches followed by a dance party (with a dirt-cheap, donation-based bar)—and don’t forget the free Jello shots—Sketchy Weekend is easily worth the $20 admission price, and it’s no wonder that, once again, opening night sold out.

There’s still time for you to attend this evening, but you’ll need to act fast.

And when the party’s over and you’ve sobered up, come on back here and let us know which sketches were among your favorites.

Your reviews help others decide whether Wrong House’s sketch shows are worth the trip to the Flatiron District on a busy weekend night, and your ratings help us help you find future events you’re sure to love!


Andrew Andrews attended Sketchy Weekend at TADA! Youth Theater in Manhattan on Friday, September 21, 2018 @ 12:34pm to write this review.